Scale Beyond Scale is a company owned by Tehzeeb Lalani–a young entrepreneur who moved back to Mumbai after studying, working and living in New York City for four years.

About Tehzeeb:


With a degree in Clinical Nutrition and Food Studies from New York University (NYU), her idea was to create a practice that permanently eliminates her clients’ troubles with their food, their body weight and their body image.  An aspiring health aficionado, her plate is currently full (no pun intended) in working towards amplifying her private-practice setup in Mumbai, India. Some of her long-term goals include designing client-friendly health Apps, health-writing, designing a Nutrition curriculum for Indian schools and Universities and expanding her practice beyond the realm of one-on-one counseling to policy-change work within the Indian food landscape.

About Manal:


After having acquired a Master’s degree in 2012, she immediately got roped in by one of the top pharmaceutical companies in India as a Research Associate. Everything seemed in place, however; after a few months in the industry, she yearned for a position which was more fulfilling. This soul-searching bought to the forefront the field of Nutrition as one potential option–an option she decided to pursue almost immediately without further contemplation. She commenced her Diploma and only a few months later, an offer to work at SBS presented itself. Theoretical knowledge via her diploma and practical application via SBS, she is excited to grow further and see how things play out.

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