Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love comes in all sorts of shapes and forms! With all this cheesy Valentine’s day spirit around us, we decided to do a round-up of 14 ways to love your food and your body!


7 ways to love your body:

  1. No calling yourself fat, rotund, flabby, pig like and all the other creative names you’ve managed to come up with

  2. No pinching your stomach and staring at it in disdain and wishing for it to magically go away

  3. No being mean to other people and commenting on their body weight; especially if it’s unsolicited

  4. Part of loving your body is getting yourself to exercise–even though it may not always be the easiest thing for you to do

  5. Partake in some self-indulgence with a twist! Instead of rewarding yourself with a dessert or food, take yourself to the spa or lock in some extra sleep time for yourself

  6. Don’t get angry and annoyed the minute you feel bloated. Instead, wonder how you harmed your body enough for it to give you that kind of a warning signal

  7. Don’t compare your body to someone else’s

7 ways to love your food:

  1. No overstuffing and overeating

  2. Don’t allow yourself to get force fed by others; even if it momentarily offends them

  3. Make your foodgasms last longer 😉 How? By chewing your food slowly and thoroughly

  4. No distractions (TV, laptop, phone) while eating. Love your food enough to focus on it completely

  5. Cook the food you crave for as opposed to ordering in. Be one with the ingredients and the preparation process

  6. Try to trace the food you purchase to it’s source. Try and source your groceries from the same place consistently and speak to the vendor to understand where your fruits and vegetables are coming from

  7. Savor every single bite-don’t just bite your food, make love to it, devour it, allow your palette to experience every single taste and aroma

Happy Valentines Day!

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