Client diaries

Sharing some customary client insight for this month! It breaks our hearts when new mommies lose a sense of who they are. Finding time for yourself doesn’t make you a bad mother ladies! Read what our client has to say:
SS to fix
Hi Tehzeeb!!!
Good morning !!
I had a wonderful time learning all about health and right eating habits.
You have been doing this to me in every session ..Thanks a ton for all your guidance!
Pointers that has evolved in these 5 months:
1. Like many, I too suffered from post pregnancy hassles and the priority shifted from myself to only my baby but you have helped me understand that a great mother needs to be equally pampered and needs nutrition herself just like the little one.
2. I used to get frequent cold and cough post pregnancy that has completely taken a back seat now .. Exercising has helped me breathe better, my immunity has gone up and I feel much healthier in that respect.
3. Had been suffering from bad backache, ankle and hamstring pain but with regular stretching and yoga, it has vanished.
4. I am able to pick Aveer and roam around with him much more than before
5. Energy levels have gone much more high than I can imagine
6. Now I look forward to my workout and if I miss it, I feel upset about it. One of my best times in the day is working out
7. I never knew after working out since so many years that a lack of basic stretching can lead to such deteriorating health
8. A healthy mom is a happy mom!
9. I might not have reached what I have thought for but now I know I can reach there with constant effort and discipline
10. Thanks for bringing me back to myself… I cannot thank you enough.
Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you…. Lots of love and good health to you too 😘 Bigggggg hugggg😀😀
Love n regards,

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