Holiday party survival tips

Season to be social is here! So no, we don’t want you to be cooped up indoors but we also don’t want to see a huge derailment in your health and fitness routine. And thus we have, some easy tips to get you through.

Tip #1: Plan. Plan. Plan. On nights you have a holiday party to attend, ensure your day is impeccable with a hearty breakfast, a mid-morning fruit, a good lunch etc. so that the damaging effects of the night are at least somewhat negated by the glorious eating day you have had

Tip #2: Drink water! Party meals are heavy on salt which is why you often find yourself bloated and your pictures end up looking ‘puffy’ and ‘fat’. Keep sipping water as much as possible. It will help remove the excess salt and toxins and it will even make you feel alert and energized. This essentially means that when you’re attempting to have a conversation with someone, they will manage to hold your attention and you’ll have a quick, witty response to what they are saying instead of a tired smile and slight, almost forced laughter

Tip #3: Schedule a light, early dinner at home prior to stepping out for the party. Nibble on appetizers at the party. This ensures that you’re not overeating at the holiday party

Tip #4: Exercise. After a heavy night of partying, this doesn’t have to be a tough workout which leaves you drained out. Something small and easy such as 15-20 minutes of stretching and exercise at home or a 30 minute stroll will suffice and will go a long way in making you feel good (better than sitting on your couch and feeling like crap, right?)

Tip #5: Be smart. If you’re going to stay up till 3:00 am and think that a 9:00 pm dinner will hold you through the night, know that you’re being delusional. Clock strikes 2:00 am and you’ll be ready to wolf down everything in sight. Instead, like we decided, be smart and allow yourself a midnight snack (one that isn’t fried preferably)

Tip #6: Monitor your speed and easy on the alcohol. A slow speed (both while eating and drinking) will be your best friend. It will save you from being force-fed and it will ensure that you work through your meal and beverage as opposed to eating and drinking excessively at one go. Sip through your drinks slowly and have a glass of water for every glass of alcohol.

Tip #7: Be judicious with buffet spreads. Scan the holiday party buffet at least 3 times. If there are 8 items you like, short list to 5 and then finally select 3 winners who will make it to your plate and stomach tonight. Once you have selected what these 3 food items will be, only then must you grab a plate! The runner ups? They will get an opportunity to enter your stomach at the next party!

Happy Holidays!

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