What’s a diet?

It breaks our heart when we look around and still see the word ‘diet’ being used incorrectly and realize that everyone continues to carry around a skewed understanding of what this term actually means. In lieu of this knowledge, starting our FF series this month with a 45 second video explanation of what a diet REALLY is. Happy viewing!


Loose transcript below in case you prefer reading over watching:

“What we all need to really understand is that a diet or a healthy lifestyle is not something you should only be able to do in a vacuum. It should be something that you’re able to do all the time, everyday.

So if you’re traveling; whether it’s a work related travel, a vacation, if it’s a trek that you’re going on for the weekend, if it’s a wedding that you’re going to go to for 5 days, if it is everyday life in Bombay, if you move jobs, if you move cities – It’s not something that you go ON and then you go OFF.

It’s really a way of life and a way of being. Think of it this way-what is your current health status as of today? And what are 3-5 things you could do tomorrow to get healthier than where you’re at today?”

And that, my friends, is a diet!


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